Protected: 3 Desk Organizers You Need

A dedicated space for studying is very important to ensure we stay motivated to learn and encourage creativity especially when we have our own private space. No sharing, please!


ideasI want to share three items I’ve discovered that help organize my desk-related items like nothing else I’ve tried. These are much more than a ‘pencil caddy’ or an eraser for ink. These three popped a light bulb over my head, significantly improving my ability to get the job done while sitting at my desk.

Computer Privacy Screen Protectors

For my teacher-writer efriends, have you ever gotten that prickle in the back of your neck that someone is reading over your shoulder? Maybe you’re working on a sensitive email while students are in the classroom (during lunch break, say) and when you turn, you see a student standing there, politely and quietly waiting to ask a question. Or your computer screen–like mine–can be seen through your classroom window, which means anyone walking by can see what you’re doing on your screen, even if it’s grading student work.

It’s not just…

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